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Negam Charika Dambulla Territory

Oct 18, 2018

In pursuit of further strengthening the bonds of key stakeholders including dealers, plumbers and institutions in the Dambulla territory, we initiated yet another ‘Negam Charika’ tour to identify key issues on ground level if any and provide redress, in-order to help our stakeholders achieve their business objectives.

During the two day initiative on 18th and 19th October, several teams were engaged covering the following cities: Minneriya, Hingurakgoda, Medirigiriya, Ambagaswewa, Unagalawehera, Thambala,  Aranaganwila, New Town Polonnaruwa, Kaduruwela, Mollipothana, Chinabay, Nilaweli,Pulmoddai,Trincomalee Town, Anuradhapura Town, Linganagara, Agbopura, Kanthale, Kinniya, Muthur, Serunuwara, Naula, Madawela, Elahera, Bakamoona, Dambulla Town, Pallepola, Galewela, Malsiripura, Habarana, Andiyagala, Kandalama and Wewala.

‘Negam Charika’ is an initiative with the aim of successfully building a culture for continuous improvements, and to address the constantly changing market environment and new competitive landscape.

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