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Negam charika Gampaha Territory

Aug 16, 2018

S-lon successfully completed yet another edition of Negam Charika recently.

We deployed several teams that visited distributors, dealers and other key stakeholders in the Gampaha territory on August 15 & 16, covering the following areas - Gampaha, Yakkala, Thihariya, Kiridiwela, Poogoda, Delgoda, Mirisswaththa, Weliweriya, Makawita, Ganemulla, Bollatha and Wathurugama.

Our teams were able to identify key issues on the ground level in each respective area, which were subsequently addressed accordingly.

Our stakeholders were much delighted to see us and expressed their thoughts and concerns very cordially. They promised their continued loyalty for the Brand S-lon.

The objective of Negam Charika is to strengthen bonds with stakeholders and Identify key issues on ground and address them. Several teams were deployed to cover all stakeholders including dealers, plumbers and institutions in a pre-defined territory.

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Name of the dealer address telephone
1 Mark Otto
2 Jacob Thornton
3 Jacob Thornton
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