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The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited is the largest privately held group of companies in Sri Lanka. Currently it comprises over 20 operating companies in diverse fields of industry. However, career opportunities are not restricted to an individual company within the Group. Individuals maybe - and are - transferred between Group companies dependent on their skills and capabilities.

Working with The Capital Maharaja Organisation is an opportunity to develop multi-faceted skills as well as to obtain multi-dimensional work experiences.

The people who work for The Capital Maharaja Group of Companies are considered partners in the development, growth and success of its activities. The Group seeks to provide leadership to its people and so ensure that corporate objectives are met and individual and team performances are recognized. Consequently, the Group's culture, policies, practices and systems are aimed at creating an environment for teamwork and harnessing the talents and capabilities of its people to the objective of providing quality products and services.

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1 Mark Otto
2 Jacob Thornton
3 Jacob Thornton
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