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Construct Exibition 2019

Aug 23, 2019

S-lon is known for it's reliability and innovative features that has been revolutionizing piping systems in households and buildings for more that 60 years. S-lon has been part of Sri Lanka's most reputed and prestigious construction projects to date. 

For the 16th consecutive year, S-lon participated at the Construct Exhibition, 2019 which was held at BMICH, on 23rd,24th,and 25th August from 10.00am to 9.00pm. 

At the event S-lon was highly commended by its patrons for its innovative stall,which was designed and constructed to depict the ancient Polonnaruwa Rajadhaniya. the 20' x 70' stall amalgamated several other companies within the Maharaja Group which drew many experts in the construction field including renowned architects, reputed contractors and engineers, home builders, plumbers and members of the general public who were keen to upgrade their domestic plumbing system.  apart from the physical attraction that the stall reflected, there were ample expert representative from S-lon who imparted professional advice on sustainable plumbing and introduced the range of products offered by S-lon.

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