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Vesak Kalapaya

Apr 25, 2018

S-lon Plays a key role in this year’s ‘Vesak Kalapaya 2018’

The widely acclaimed 2018 Vesak Kalapaya was held around the premises  of The Capital Maharaja Organisation located down Braybrooke Place.

S-lon Lanka Pvt. Ltd joined the sanctified perehera with a  specially designed float carrying the largest ‘Pirith Kalaya’  distributing the blessed water and thread to over a million devotees and  patrons who lined up the street enroute from Mihintale Raja Maha  Viharaya to ‘Wesak Kalapaya’ in Colombo. 

S-lon also took the initiative to distribute a booklet  consisting of “Pirith’ & 'Gatha' , picture frames depicting key  water related milestones in the life of lord Buddha and another booklet depicting water related Jathaka Stories and its relevance today. The  perehera route was also adorned with colourful pennants depicting these  Jathaka Stories.

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