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Foxhill Reforestation program

S-lon joined hands with the Security Force Headquarters – Central (SFHQ-C) to initiate the Diyatalawa ‘Foxhill Green’ Reforestation Project at ‘Foxhill’ mountain range Diyatalawa.

The Foxhill Green Reforestation Project was initiated with the objective to preserve the ecological system in the ‘Foxhill’ area which is rich in natural diversity but under threat due to increased human activities such as encroachment, deforestation and natural calamities like soil erosion. A total of 1200 tree saplings such as Kamaranka, Kumbuk, Mee, Ambul Pera, Jak, etc. were planted in most wanted areas of the range of nearly 2300 acres where a number of sports and racing events of the Army and services take place throughout the year.

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